Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heaven Scent Blog Tour--In Just 5 Days!

Perhaps you've been keeping track of author, Rebecca Talley's blog tour, and you've read a few of the interviews with her. If so, I promise mine will be different. I'm planning on interviewing her from someplace unique.


It's a secret, so I can't tell ... but I will give you a hint. It's not from her office.

Go ahead. Take a guess. In a grocery store? And she'll have to tell you what's in her virtual grocery cart ? Mmm ... maybe.

On a virtual deserted island, survivor-style, and she'll have to tell what she's done to stay alive? Possibly ... or then again ... not.

Or will it be in the dead of night, in ....

Nope, most definitely, indubitably, probably not wherever you were thinking!

That's all the hints for now. Be sure you don't miss it, however. Check back on July 1st and read the review of Heaven Scent, as well as the interview with Rebecca.

It'll happen in just 5 days!

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